3D Printer for Home

You hear about the 3D printer – the machine that can create objects out of thin air – and naturally, you want one. But then you do a rudimentary Google search for your buying options… and you see that the vast majority of them cost $2,000 or more.

3d printer for home

I am going to be up-front with you – if you’re looking for an industrial 3D printer, expect to spend a couple thousand bucks. But if you just need a 3D printer for home – it’s likely just something for you to tinker with. You want something in between awesome and affordable.

Here is a cheap 3D printer for home that is right between awesome and affordable:


Printrbot is a neat machine, and it’s also geared to the home 3D printer specifically – you buy the base, and then you buy any additional parts that you may need as time goes on. If you have no idea what you’re doing and just starting off, then you can go with the base model. As you get better and better, you start buying more and more parts until you have a full-fledged printer in front of your eyes.

The only downside to this printer is the fact that it does not come assembled. You’ll have to follow the instructions. But with a standard toolbox, you’ll be up and running within a couple of hours.