Unisex Clothing

Gendered vs. Unisex Clothing: What’s the Difference?
Unisex clothing is more than a fashion trend. It’s a social movement that breaks free from gender stereotypes and enables a new form of self-expression. Unisex clothing isn’t about women in tuxedos or men in dresses. The concept strips away decades of superfluous gendered details, so that a shirt can be a shirt.

What Defines Gender in Clothing?

In clothing, self-identity is expressed through a combination of large and small details that are intrinsically associated with one gender. This includes the shape and fit of the garment as well as its construction. Gender is also expressed through the color, print and material.

As a rule, unisex clothing veers away from overtly gendered embellishments, such as ruffles and lace. It’s also more likely to feature neutral hues, classic prints and statement colors that aren’t associated with one particular gender. Let’s take a look at several unisex clothing staples.

Unisex Pants

Pants are one of the most overtly unisex items in the fashion world. Thanks to the comfortable fit through the seat and leg, many pants are acceptable for both men and women. Today, unisex pants blur the boundaries between the genders. Thanks to high-performance materials fortified with elastane, relaxed-fit trousers and super-skinny unisex jeans have a universally flattering cut.

Unisex Hats

The image of a man in a skirt is still controversial. Unlike skirts, hats have already crossed the gender barrier. From elaborate headdresses to simple veils, hats are one of the most versatile fashion accessories ever. While heavily embellished fascinators are nothing, but feminine and Dickensian top hats are exceptionally masculine, many classic hat styles, such as fedoras, baseball caps and beanies, have a truly genderless appearance.

Unisex T-Shirts

The classic T-shirt is a unisex garment that’s based on men’s measurements and designed to accommodate a range of body types. Women’s T-shirts typically have a figure-hugging fashion fit. Truly unisex T-shirts blend both of these concepts to create a genderless garment that’s flattering and slightly form fitted. Since unisex clothing is about making a social statement, T-shirts are a perfect way to broadcast your views.

Unisex Shirts

Originally worn by British polo players and European gentlemen, the button-down shirt is a modern essential. Tailored shirts have a fairly loose fit, which gives them a naturally androgynous quality. On the other hand, women’s shirts generally have a fitted design and are more likely to make use of ditsy prints, fluid materials and superfluous embellishments. Whether casual or formal, unisex shirts feature quality fabrics, genderless prints, classic details and a slim fit.

Benefits of Buying Unisex Clothing

In today’s world, unisex clothing embodies important sociological changes that are taking place on a global scale. It stands for personal freedom and acceptance.

  • Unisex clothing was created to end discrimination. It lets you be yourself.
  • Genderless clothing lets you break free from dated stereotypes and enjoy a non-binary form of self-expression.
  • To minimize waste and maximize the product’s usefulness, many unisex apparel items are designed to be worn by both genders.
  • Unisex clothing is universally flattering with sizes that accommodate a variety of fit preferences.

Gender isn’t defined by a label. Invest in unisex clothing that looks good, feels good and represents who you really are.