Best Anal Lube From The Woman’s Point Of View

After eight years of marriage and three children, I have to admit that we didn’t get really excited about our sex life again, until we decided to add anal sex to our regular routine. Before we began, my thoughtful husband went online to look for the best anal numbing lubricant available, so that he could be sure he didn’t hurt me in any way.

Common Issues and Concerns About Anal Sex

Fear of Injury
It’s absolutely true that you could be injured during rough anal sex, but there is no reason that this should ever actually occur. The use of the best anal lube is important to your safety during anal sex, and your partner needs to make sure that you are relaxed before the beginning, and make it slowly and gently.

Concerns About Hygiene
Many people believe that anal sex is a nasty and dirty activity because it allows contact with fecal matter, and this is simply not the truth. Your anus and the lower region of your rectum are generally free of any fecal matter. If you are still concerned about this aspect of anal sex, then you can make sure you are completely clean with the use of an enema.

Worries About Pain
There is no reason you should experience any serious pain, when you use the best numbing anal lube during anal sex. It’s also a good idea to start out with something small such as a well-lubed anal toy to prepare yourself for the main event.

Stretching Concerns
There is a belief that anal sex has the ability to permanently stretch out the anus and even leave you with the inability to control your bowel movements.  Fortunately, this is a complete myth with absolutely no basis of fact to it. It was once believed that child birth permanently stretched out a woman’s vagina, but we know that’s not true. Your anus will also return to its normal size.

Lack of Enjoyment
Some people choose to engage in anal sex strictly for the enjoyment of their partner, but this type of sex can be extremely enjoyable for both. It may even become your most favored sex, if it’s done right. Some of the best lubes for anal can make you feel like your getting a massage during sex, and then you can count on some amazing sensations that will curl your toes with pleasure.

The Perfect Lube for Anal Sex

In my eyes, my husband is perfect, and he certainly didn’t fail when he chose this lube for our anal adventures.

Cleanstream Relax Anal LubeCleanstream Relax Desensitizing Anal Lube: conveniently available from, this product may be the most effective anal lubricant on the market to eliminate any potential pain during anal sex. It is a smooth, slick & liquid desensitizing lubricant that comes in an easy-to-use pump dispenser. (a smaller bottle can be found here)

My Favorite Anal Lube
I used it during my very first anal encounter and I truly believe that it is the most effective anal lubricant that is available on the market today. As it was my very first time engaging in anal sex, I was very apprehensive about the entire situation. Fortunately, this is anal numbing lube that left me with no pain at all – its numbing effects kept me from feeling any sort of pain whatsoever, so that I could enjoy a fun and fulfilling experience. My advice  – please use numbing lubes with a condom (to avoid penis numbing).

BTW when I shared this finding with my friends, they said that it was the best numbing anal lube that they had ever used.

Other Alternatives for Anal Penetration

If you would like to try a different anal lubricant, then there are several other quality items available from Amazon that are considered to be among the best anal lubes that can be purchased anywhere. Everyone reacts to products differently, so you might like to try them all in order to see which one works the very best for you.

PREMIUM Silicone Based Lubricant from Swiss Navy
Outstanding lubricant with best reviews, made from the highest grade silicone on the market.

Passion Anal Desensitizing Lubricant Maximum Strength with Lidocaine
This extremely slick lube is designed specifically to allow easy anal penetration. It provides instant localized numbing that won’t interfere in your pleasure, and it’s guaranteed not to dry out before you are finished with your anal play! It’s extremely easy clean-up also makes it one of the best lubes offered.

Anal Ese Cream – Cherry
Your time together can only be enhanced by the lovely scent and taste of cherry, that this versatile lubricant offers its users.

Lube Life Watermelon Flavored Lubricant
The slick texture of this water based lubricant provides added comfort and pleasure during anal sex. It’s also have a great taste and smell.

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricate
Long lasting, 100% pure silicone formula does not break down in water, so it may be us in the shower or hot tub. This lube leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized, guaranteed never sticky. Will not harm latex and stays silky longer than any water-based body glide and never dries.

Enjoy Anal Sex to the Fullest

I can honestly say that my husband and I are closer than ever since we incorporated anal sex into our normal love-making routine. It didn’t just make our sex life better, but it brought us to new levels of love and romance. We’ve never been happier, and I’m so glad that we started out with best anal numbing lube as my first lube. This best anal lubricant provided us with opened up an entire new world of love, intimacy and trust within our relationship.