Best Selling Beer in the World

best selling beerEven though China’s Snow beer may still be considered a youngster with just a little over 20 years on the market, that hasn’t stopped it from claiming the title of the best selling beer in the world ever since 2008. It may be hard to understand how such an obscure beer managed to make its way to the top and hold that position for several years, but the Chinese have a special affinity for what they call their Snowflake beer. They also consume most all of the 2.6 billion gallons that are brewed each year, and that’s a lot of beer.

A Short History of Snow Beer
Brewed by SABMiller/China Resources Enterprises, the first bottle of snow was released in 1993. Back then, only three Chinese factories were needed to meet the demand for this new product.

These days, you’ll find that Snow’s producer enjoys the status as the largest brewing company in China, and Snow is produced in more than 90 breweries that are located throughout the country in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of the Chinese people.

About Snow Beer
The basic Snow beer is a simple pale lager. To increase existing sales and respond to the evolving expectations of their customers, Snow producers have also created a few other successful Snow brews. You’ll find Snow Opera Mask flying off of the supermarket shelves, and you’ll be offered Snow Crystal Draft in restaurants throughout China.

Other specialty brews include Snow Brave the World, which is aimed at young Chinese professionals. It’s marketed to encourage the younger generation to take part in China’s many annual outdoor challenges that include cycling, rafting, hiking and rock climbing. It achieved this goal with some 2.8 million people participating in these sporting events in 2012 alone, and the product enjoys an online following of nearly 2 million people.

Snow Draft, on the other hand, is marketed to China’s more seasoned professionals. It specifically targets those who enjoy visiting and photographing China’s many cultural and historical sites. Consumers of this product have been encouraged to enter their photos in several contests sponsored by Snow beer, and the promotion paid off with 1.2 million people entering their photos in a 2013 competition.

Does Snow Beer Deserve Top Billing?
You might think that Snow beer must be something really special to be considered the best selling beer in the world, and it just might be. However, it may have also attained that status because there are some 1.3 billion people populating China, and that’s just a lot of thirsty people to buy up all that beer. You’ll have to try it for yourself to see if it deserves its top billing.