The Amazing Wonders of Food Innovation

With over 7 billion people on the planet, feeding every mouth can be quite staggering. Nonetheless, humans are quite ingenious. Every year, fantastic information about food innovation comes up on the news. Here are some of the best innovations in the food industry:

New food innovations

Edible Food Packaging
The seas have become dumping sites for plastic and other non-biodegradable material that are potentially dangerous to wildlife. Today, plastic waste can be reduced significantly with the use of edible food packing. This wonderful food innovation is definitely going to make it all worthwhile to buy packaged foods. The challenge is how to make the packaging more exciting to eat.

Food Printer
This is somewhat a crazy food innovation, but it is still extraordinary. In some of the old futuristic sci-fi movies, they used to have this machine that amazingly creates an edible copy of the food that the user wishes to eat. Today, we may have a somewhat similar version of that in the form of a food printer. This machine can be programmed to squeeze out a variety of ingredients to form multiple choices of food. It may take a while to learn how to use it, though.

Stem Cell Foods
Guess what’s cooking? Burger patties, but not from any particular animal. Scientists have come up with a cool food innovation that allows stem cells to turn into edible meat. Now, even animal sympathizers can eat meat because no animals have to be slaughtered. If you are wondering, lab-grown meat is not considered as GMO.

Cold Transport
Ever wonder how fresh foods can be transported in good quality to far places? The technology is called cold transport. It is another food innovation that preserves the quality of food being transported over long distances. This definitely works for fresh fruits and sea foods.

Food Supplements
Although supplements have been around for decades, food innovation experts have come up with better ways of storing essential nutrients so that they remain potent. The supplements industry is a huge one and more innovations may be needed to improve quality and storage life.

Got an Idea for Food Innovation?
The world still needs new food innovation ideas. If you have a solution that can help mankind, you may find help from tech incubators. There are still many important innovations to come up with. Some of the best examples include how to enhance nutrition, shelf life and taste.